I’ve Been Hiding Something From You…

Kay…maybe not hiding…that sounds too suspicious.

A bitch just forgot to update her blog y’all! So here’s everything that’s gone down over the past few weeks that I’m excited to share with you!


Totally! is a podcast where I’ll get to share everything on my heart relating to body positivity, fat activism, ranting about Trump, sexuality, and other relevant topics. Matter of fact, I already published an episode already talking (but really laughing lol) about the fears that I had during sex. Yip – we all have them from time to time and I’ll take a bullet and go first as I share my own. Tomorrow’s episode will be on my own personal tips regarding masturbation and I hope you have a listen! Here’s why you can listen to the Totally! podcast:

Google Podcasts – Android users only

If you’ve listened to it and loved it, please spread the word about Totally! to your friends dude! The more listening ears the better 🙂


YEP! You heard right 😉

My YouTube channel will be very similar to my Totally! but a lot less casual and more fun! Currently, there are some fun vlogs on there but there’ll eventually be collaborations with other lovely hoomans that I meet along the way…

…and I’m HONESTLY so fucking excited! I love the people I’ve gotten the chance to meet and I can’t wait to share their beautiful souls with YOU! Le people (^_^)

Currently in the mood to watch some of those YouTube videos I mentioned earlier? Well, here ya go! Share them on your social media too if you enjoyed them and don’t forget to subscribe! Hit the bell notification icon right next to the subscribe button so you get notified whenever I post a new video! Sometimes our videos won’t show up on your feed as YouTube creators because that’s just the way YouTube’s algorithm works my dude! Okay…what you’ve been waiting for…click the image and it’ll take you to the video!

Again, I’m so excited for what’s to come! I love creating for your guys. It was never about me. Neva eva.

Alrighty suckas.



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